Our highly qualified employees enable us to work on research and development projects with a high degree of diversification in their specialist areas.

Our innovation partnership with our customers consists of three phases:

  • PHASE 1: Comprehensive data analysis and expert evaluation
    • Joint definition of the scope of work and the project objectives
    • Selection of experts for creating a scientific project advisory board
    • Performance of an in-depth data analysis
    • Idea development on the basis of data analysis with the involvement of our experts
  • PHASE 2: Development of solution scenarios
    • Specification of the ideas developed in Phase 1
    • Development of solution variants
    • Economic, ecological and operational evaluation of the solution variants
    • Evaluation of the proposed variants in cooperation with the project advisory board
  • PHASE 3: Implementation Phase
    • Implementation of the selected solution(s) in a partnership network
    • Use of the entire network with the InnoWE partners
    • Continuous monitoring of the progress achieved and of the risks

Knowledge and Experience

  • Our team offers an optimum mix of application experience as well as competence and expertise in research and development. Our employees have acquired this know-how in implementation-oriented projects carried out by research institutions and universities.
  • We attach great importance to a close cooperation with our customers as well as to transparency with regard to the results achieved.
  • We have the best contacts to experts and expert committees dealing with both global as well as specific problems and available to us at any time for specific projects as an extended pool of knowledge.